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Ozone Therapy

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What is Ozone?

Ozone is a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms. (O3). It is a colorless gas with a distinct odor at room temperature. (It can be felt after stormy weather, at places of high altitude or by the sea.)

It was discovered in 1840 by the German chemist Christian Friedrich Schönbein (1799-1868).

What is Ozone Therapy?

Medical ozone is a mixture of pure ozone and pure oxygen.

Medical mixture of ozone and oxygen is produced by the ozone generator.

Ozone therapy is applied to the patient with special consumables.

The patient to be treated with ozone therapy is examined and evaluated by a physician experienced in this field.

Ozone therapy usually consists of 10-12 sessions, 2-3 per week.

If medical ozone therapy is applied in accordance with the rules, it is completely safe, practical, effective, and inexpensive.

The success of the treatment depends on the condition of the disease and the general health of the patient, as well as the method, concentration, and frequency of the application.

What are the Properties and Effects of Ozone Therapy?

Medicinal ozone has bactericidal, fungicidal, and anti-viral properties.

It is widely used in the cleaning of infected wounds and in the treatment of bacterial and viral diseases.

Its circulation-stimulating effect allows it to be used in circulatory disorders.

When applied in low concentration, it activates the organism's own resistance and reactivates the immune system. It increases the blood's capacity to deliver oxygen to the tissues.

Medical ozone application activates the body's own antioxidant system.

For Which Diseases Is Ozone Therapy Used?

  1. Circulatory disorders, diabetic open wounds
  2. Infected open wounds that do not heal
  3. Pain management, herniated disc, neck hernia
  4. Joint diseases and rheumatic disorders, arthrosis
  5. Geriatrics (health care of older people)
  6. In reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy applied for various cancer types
  7. In the treatment of patients with allergy and asthma
  8. Neurological disorders
  9. Anti-aging
  10. Chronic skin disorders, fungal infections

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