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Complaint Policy

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Complaint Policy

You can report your satisfaction, requests, and suggestions to the Patient Rights Department via face-to-face meeting, phone call, e-mail, website form, and questionnaire/letter. All your requests are recorded, evaluated with the relevant department managers, and improvements are made in order to increase our service quality in line with your demands. The result of your requests is reported back to you by the Patient Rights Department within the specified period. You can send your opinions via our satisfaction/suggestion/request page on our website. Thank you for your comments on improving our service quality.

Companion Policy

The patient has the right to have a companion if his/her health condition requires it and the doctor in charge of the treatment deems appropriate. Procedures and principles of how and when this right should be exercised are determined by our hospital. For the health of your patient, we would like to emphasize that you should be helpful for us in this regard and accompany your patient in accordance with the procedures and principles determined within the framework of our hospital's companion policy.

  1. The number of companions is limited to one person.
  2. The companion should not be with the patient during the medical visits and medical care.
  3. The companion should not perform any application for the patient except within the knowledge of doctors and nurses. The companion helps the patient to the extent permitted.
  4. The companion should not take the patient out of the hospital or change the bed sheets, except with the request of the relevant doctors or nurses.
  5. Companions should not speak loudly, make noise in the patient's room and service corridors, and watch TV in the rooms in a way that would disturb others.
  6. Smoking and taking alcohol in the hospital are prohibited by law and hospital rules.
  7. Companions should not bring food and drink from outside the hospital, and any food without dietician permission should not be given to the patient.
  8. A companion card is provided for the companion during the patient admission.
  9. The nurse must be informed if the current companion is replaced with someone another.
  10. The companion is obliged to comply with the general hospital rules. In case of a violation, your companionship will no longer be accepted.
  11. The companion should first inform the service nurses when there is any problem in the patient's health. The companion should not make any intervention without the knowledge of the service nurses.

As Private 7M Hospital, we attach great importance to the security of your personal data.

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