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What are Brain Aneurysms?

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Aneurysms are protrusions, sacs or round outpouchings caused by weakness in the walls of the arterial blood vessels. They have bubble-like shapes. Brain aneurysms are the bubbles seen in the brain vessels. They are seen in approximately 3.2% of the population and are slightly more common in women than men.

What are the Causes of Brain Aneurysms?

High blood pressure, smoking, alcohol consumption, drug use, high cholesterol, and an underlying condition of arteriosclerosis pose a risk for brain aneurysms. An unruptured brain aneurysm has a risk of rupturing and bleeding around 2% annually. Unfortunately, 50% of the patients with aneurysm-related cerebral hemorrhage lose their lives. A brain aneurysm that has ruptured is at high risk of bleeding again within 6 months, with a higher rate in the first days after the bleeding. Therefore, ruptured aneurysms must be treated. Aneurysms that have not ruptured or leaked should be evaluated by considering the age of the patient, general condition and performance of the patient, the size and other features of the aneurysm. In this way, it should be treated with the appropriate method.

How are Brain Aneurysms Treated?

There are two methods for the treatment of brain aneurysms, closed and open. In the open method, a cut is made on the scalp in a brain surgery and the aneurysm is closed with a device called clip. In the closed method, the aneurysm is treated intravenously by angiography without making a cut on the scalp. Both methods are applied under general anesthesia.

What is the Importance of Interventional Methods in the Treatment of Brain Aneurysm?

The importance of the interventional closed method in the treatment of brain aneurysm is that the patient's scalp is not cut, and the length of hospital stay is shorter in comparison to the surgical procedure. Aneurysm is occluded intravenously by a high-tech angiography device and bubble occlusion materials. No incisions or stitches are made. The aneurysm is closed through a tiny pinhole in the groin or wrist only.

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