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What is Stomach Botox?

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What is Stomach Botox?

Botulinum toxin (Botox) application to the stomach is a relatively new weight loss method based on the injection of Botulinum toxin to certain parts of the stomach with the endoscopic method. With this method, the contraction of the stomach muscles gets limited. In this way, the duration of gastric emptying is prolonged, and the appetite of the patient is decreased.

Who is Eligible for Stomach Botox Application?

Stomach Botox can be applied to anyone who wants to lose weight. This procedure is not an operation. However, it is important to select the patients properly. It should be noted that stomach Botox will not be very helpful to the patients who are with a body mass index over 40 and can achieve better results through a successful surgery. Patients who are overweight but not obese enough to be operated on and who want to lose weight are the ideal patient group. In patients with stomach ulcer or gastritis, stomach Botox can be applied after these diseases gets treated.

How is Stomach Botox Application Performed?

Stomach Botox application is performed under sedation in the endoscopy unit. First, the patient's stomach and duodenum are examined with endoscopy, and then, if there is no disease such as ulcer and gastritis that may prevent the application, the procedure gets started. 500 IU Botox are applied to the stomach with an endoscopy needle in 20-30 shots. The patient is awakened right after the procedure and taken to the room for rest.

How Long Does Stomach Botox Procedure Last?

Stomach Botox procedure takes 15-20 minutes.

What are the Possible Complications of Stomach Botox Application?

There are no serious complications of stomach Botox. Nausea, digestive troubles, and pain in the applied area may be felt for the first few days after the procedure. However, these problems are not experienced by every patient. These are mild side effects. They are not severe enough to disable the patients to continue their normal lives. However, since the procedure is performed under sedation in the endoscopy unit, complications due to sedation may rarely be experienced. The esophagus may get irritated during the endoscopy procedure. Due to this irritation, the patient may rarely feel burning in his/her throat.

When Does the Effect of Stomach Botox Begin?

The effect of stomach Botox begins 72 hours after the procedure.

How Long Does the Effect of Stomach Botox Last?

The effect of stomach Botox lasts about 4-6 months.

Can Stomach Botox Be Reapplied After Its Effect Wears Off?

Yes, it can be reapplied. Moreover, the second application of Botox has been observed to be more effective compared to the first application.

Is It Necessary to Stay in the Hospital After the Stomach Botox Procedure?

Stomach Botox application is performed under sedation in the endoscopy unit. After the Botox application, you will be taken to your room for the sedation to wear off. You will be kept under observation for at least 2 hours after the procedure. Then, your doctor and dietician will check you, and you will be given and explained a diet. Following this, you can leave the hospital when you feel good.

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