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By combining our academic experience with our dynamic approach, our ethical principles, our team of experts, and our infrastructure of state-of-the-art technology, it is our mission to provide the society with world-class, reliable, sustainable, equal, and equitable health services, both preventive and curative, in an advanced, widespread, and integrated structure, and at affordable prices.

Our aim is to provide high quality health services to patients from all segments of the society, to serve our country by creating job opportunities in the health sector, and to help our personnel improve continuously and work happily.


Our vision is to become an internationally recognized and world-class health center, which develops by following the contemporary innovations and the highest-level medical practices and which is also taken as an example by other health institutions.

Our goal is to establish a chain of healthcare institutions that provide highest-quality and equal healthcare services to all our guests at home and abroad, where our guests will feel safe and all their expectations will be met.


- To be open to innovations with our scientific and researcher approach

- To treat everyone equally and fairly

- To make a difference socially and scientifically

- To aim to make pioneering applications in diagnosis and treatment by ensuring the use of advanced technological applications

- To follow medical ethical principles and values

- To be transparent and sincere

- To continuously increase the service quality and productivity by ensuring the satisfaction of our employees

- To protect the patient rights and the privacy of personal information

- To believe in the power of teamwork

- To give importance to the priority of patients and their relatives and to offer friendly service

As Private 7M Hospital, we attach great importance to the security of your personal data.

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