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Interventional Radiology

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Ultrasonography (USG), Computed Tomography (CT) and fluoroscopy are used as guidance techniques.

In parallel with the developments in the field of Medical Imaging, techniques that causes the least harm to the human body and allow the diagnosis and treatments by minimizing surgical interventions are being developed.

Local anesthesia is usually used in interventions. Thanks to these methods, which can be applied more easily than surgical procedures, and are generally less painful and less risky, the duration of hospitalization has also become shorter.

This medical subspecialty, called interventional radiology, includes diagnosis under the guidance of imaging systems and the application of direct therapeutic procedures by radiologists with special tools.

Interventional Radiology Procedures Performed in Our Hospital

  1. Thyroid biopsy
  2. Salivary gland biopsy
  3. Neck biopsy
  4. Liver biopsy
  5. Lung biopsy
  6. Breast biopsy
  7. Percutaneous acid drainage
  8. Percutaneous abscess drainage
  9. Percutaneous gallbladder drainage
  10. Percutaneous nephrostomy catheter
  11. Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography (ptk)
  12. Subcutaneous port catheter
  13. Temporary dialysis catheter
  14. Permanent (tunneled) dialysis catheter
  15. Ultrasound guided paracentesis
  16. Ultrasound-guided thoracentesis
  17. Cyst aspiration
  18. Baker's cyst treatment

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