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In vitro fertilization (IVF)

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7M Hospital IVF Center is trying to find solutions to many issues ranging from unsuccessful IVF cases to older women becoming mothers, from severe male infertility to recurrent miscarriages with its expert team. Our team, which makes great efforts for the success of IVF treatment and conducts important research in this sense, also applies preimplantation genetic diagnosis methods in families with genetic disease risk. Our IVF centers can identify many genetic diseases such as thalassemia, muscle diseases, hemophilia in embryos and, in this way, help the birth of healthy children. Our IVF Centers have an important place in Turkey as well as in Europe and in the world thanks to their success in the field and the wide range of treatments that they offer. Our IVF Center transforms the hopeful expectation of its patients into happiness by using the methods currently applied in the world. Before starting the treatment, the couples are examined physically and psychologically, and informed in detail about the causes for not having a baby, the appropriate treatment method to be applied and how the treatment will progress. At every stage of the treatment, the candidate couple for IVF is informed and supported by the gynecologist, embryologist and IVF nurse about the correct use of drugs, egg retrieval procedures and IVF. Microinjection, Surgical Sperm Retrieval, Embryo Freezing and many other treatment procedures are carried out by the team of our hospital's IVF Center with high success rates. Thanks to the latest developments in the science of genetics, many hereditary diseases can be diagnosed at the embryo stage. Genetic diseases can be diagnosed before pregnancy in our IVF center. Especially, in patients with unexplained and recurrent miscarriages, the continuation of the pregnancy of the patients is ensured with the newly developed IVF methods.

Embryology Laboratory

Classic IVF and vaccination

Microchip and IVF with PICSI method

Egg freezing

Sperm freezing

Embryo freezing

PRP Therapy

PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis)

Trophectoderm Biopsy

Blastocyst Biopsy

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