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Medical and technological innovations in the neurosurgery department are increasing rapidly. As a consequence, positive results continue to be obtained in diagnosis and treatment.

The department of neurosurgery deals with the surgical treatment of:

  • Tumors that form in the tissue inside the brain or spinal cord or cause problems by putting pressure on them from the outside
  • Disorders such as aneurysm (ballooning), arteriovenous malformation, cavernoma in the vessels supplying the brain tissue or the spinal cord
  • Carotid stenosis (narrowing in the neck vessels)
  • Disorders that develop during the formation of the nervous system at birth such as meningomyelocele
  • Hydrocephalus (increase in the amount of fluid in the brain cavities)
  • All kinds of spinal diseases, head and spinal cord injuries, especially herniated disc.

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