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Emergency Service

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Private 7M Hospital emergency service, open 24/7, can make the first response to all kinds of patients and works in coordination with other units for further examination and treatment in the line of the necessary consultations.

General surgery specialists, emergency medicine specialists and general practitioners serve in the emergency department. Gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics and intensive care departments support the emergency service for 24 hours a day. Central oxygen supply and aspiration systems are available in all rooms. In the emergency service, where time and teamwork are extremely important, there are separate rooms for men and women, pediatric short-stay units, yellow and red areas, medical dressing and injection room, isolation room, and the capacity to serve all kinds of patients.

Experienced ambulance crew provide service with its technical equipment 24 hours a day under the emergency service.

As Private 7M Hospital, we attach great importance to the security of your personal data.

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