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Dermatology department of 7M Hospital carries out examination, diagnosis, follow-up and treatment with its highly qualified staff and modern advanced technological methods. Various tests are also performed in our department to diagnose allergic skin diseases.

In our dermatology department, allergic skin diseases, excessive sweating, Behçet's disease, sexually transmitted diseases, skin infections, skin tumors, drug allergies, psoriasis, hair diseases, nail diseases, hives, vitiligo, sebaceous gland diseases and burns are treated.

What are the Symptoms of Skin Diseases?

Skin diseases often lead to visible damage on the skin. Problems such as rash, eruption and crusting occur on the skin. In cases where itching occurs without the above-mentioned symptoms on the skin, tests should be performed to understand the cause, including a blood test.

What are the Best Treatment Methods for Skin Spots?

Laser applications can be made to the skin in 5-6 sessions. Intense and short pulsed laser shots make the spots disappear. Laser systems are selected by the dermatologist and used for suitable spots and people. Peeling applications are also very effective in preventing dark spot formation on the skin.

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