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What is Check-Up (Health Assessment)?

Check-ups consist of examinations, laboratory tests and screenings which are performed for the early diagnosis of diseases by detecting the future health risks of healthy people.

Who Can Have Check-Up?

There are special check-up programs for people of all age groups and genders.

Can All Diseases Be Diagnosed with Check-Up?

Any disease can be diagnosed with check-up. However, since human and biological living environment are the case, some newly emerging problems may not be diagnosed with check-up. This situation is very rare.

What Should I Do to Apply for A Check Up?

It is recommended that people who decide to have a check-up should first meet with check-up consultants of 7M Hospital, regardless of which health institution they want to check-up in. In line with the information provided by the patient consultants, all check-up doctor examinations, tests and screenings are planned as appointments. Then, the person is invited on the specified date and check-up procedures get started.

How Often Should I Have Check Up?

It is sufficient to have a check-up once a year as a routine. If a risk has been found before, the tests for the patient should be repeated as often as recommended by the relevant specialist doctor.

Check-Up Prices

Standard and comprehensive screenings are performed in check-up programs, including cancer screening and scanning. Remember that check-up prices are very economical in comparison to the health expenses, time spent, effort expended and permanent suffering of the person after getting sick.

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